How to install Minecraft PE maps for iOS

Now I try to explain you how to install Minecraft PE maps for iOS. Do not matters which device you have, maybe iPad or iPhone. There are two type of maps. There is .McWorld format or map can be in archive .rar/.zip format.

Guide for .mcworld

  1. You have to do three steps to install this type of map. It is the easiest way.
  2. Download your map
  3. Find your map on your device
  4. Tap on it and MCPE automatically install it.

Guide for .zip/.rar maps

  1. Download and install this app
  2. Download map
  3. Find your map on your device and tap on her to extract
  4. Open new extracted folder of your map and select all files there
  5. Zip them
  6. Rename your new zip file from to name.mcworld
  7. Tap on it and open in Minecraft PE
  8. Done! Good luck in this map!


 You do noe understand that text? You can correct your problem with this video guide

Now you can install Minecraft PE maps for iOS and you can download any maps which you want from this category on our website.


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