Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 for iOS full version

Here you can download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 for iOS full version free [iPhone][iPad]. Mojang adds in new game version a lot interesting things, tweaks and this article shows you what changes in the game you will see. Also in this version developers fix bags (unfortunately, a lot of them still works) Lets start!


Developers: Mojang
recommendation: iOS version 8 and more

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.2 ?

1.Stained Glass

Amazing addictions for your home or other buildings. They are very beautiful and colorfull material.

2. Fireworks
Firework blocks can make your celebration better and memorable.
3. Parrots
Sweet mobs, very colorfull and pretty. I think they will be great decorations for your world.
Decoration blocks. For example, you can find the best one and use it in your home.
5. Armor stand
Where you can leave your armor? Now you can do it with Armor stands.
6.Jukebox and music discs
Do you love listen music? You can do this in your Minecraft Pocket Edition. Change the disks with diferent style of music
7. Recipe book
Now get some recipe is very easy
8. Book & Quill
9. Ravines
New element of landscape. Find resources never been so easy job. Ravines seed is here
10. Starting map and bonus chest
Great opportunity for new players to easy start survive. When you will create new world you can check some new box and new spawning point you will see bonus chest and starting map in your inventory.

for iOS 10/11/12
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_1_14_1_4.ipa [138.05 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1_12_1.ipa [138.2 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_1_12_08.ipa [138.2 Mb]

for iOS 8+
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_pe_1_7_0.ipa [98.64 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_1_6_1_0.ipa [95.83 Mb]

for iOS 4.3 +

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NightWind от 27 September 2019 16:31
Does it runs the Xbox Live?
Manas от 8 August 2019 17:11
Sir how can I install the downloaded file on my iPad?
Gvvgt1 от 3 November 2018 06:59
After download the file how to turn the file into app

admin answer: why you should do this? please, check how to install .ipa files here
Jaelam от 12 November 2017 07:55
Can it work on iPad mini?????¿

admin: yes! of course!
kemo от 7 October 2017 20:52
Im cool and great
van от 22 September 2017 06:12
i belive i can fy
bagas от 10 September 2017 07:37

Aiman от 2 September 2017 03:49
I can download the minecraft 1.1

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