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Minecraft PE apk Nether Update you can download in this article. The game got many updates such like new biomes, mobs, blocks and of course Mojang fixed many bugs and crashes. Mostly new things were added to Nether. 

What is new in MCPE
  1. new block Basalt Deltas
  2. Ruined Portals
  3. New structure Bastion Remnants
  4. new stones Blackstone, Lodestonem 
  5. new block Respawn Anchor
  6. mobs Strider, Zoglins

full changes you can read on oficial website:

What will new in Minecraft PE 1.16?

New biomes:
Warped Forest
In Nether you will see new forest, which will be mystic and full of horror. Also you will see blue fog and many new things into this forest
Crimson Forest
the second new forest which can be found in Nether. Look similar to first one and will be full of new mobs and blocks
Soulsand Valley
New valley which can be found in Nether. You can get many Soul Sand and Soul Soil because they cover all area there. By the way, prepare to many skeletons.
New blocks
You can get more than 12 new blocks. Mostly they will be in new biomes above. You will see: basalt block, vegetation, warped wart blocks, soul torches, soul soil and many other

New mobs
Mojang added two new mobs Piglins and Hoglins, they are hostile. 

Licence is not required. Just download and play!

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-0-57-xbox.apk [105.22 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-beta-1_16_0_55.apk [90.84 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-beta-1_16_0_53.apk [90.72 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-beta-1_16_0_51.apk [104.53 Mb]

Alternative link:
Download Minecraft PE from another website

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