Download Minecraft PE 1.1.4 for Android


 Today you can download Minecraft PE 1.1.4 for Android version. Also in this article I try to write new things you will see and how it works? This version is really cool because Mojang adds many new mobs, blocks, items and new functions in setting. Interesting? Let’s continues.

Update 1.1.4

  1. new skins
  2. fix bugs

What the update on Minecraft PE 1.1 [0.18.0]?


Off-hand slot

Now you can use two hands together!  But only for arrows and totems, unfortunately.


Totem of Undying

If you hold this thing and fall down from higher point, you will now die. Nevertheless you have low health level but get effect to quickly return your life.

How it looks? Just see on the picture below



They are very pretty and beautiful animal. Neutral. You can tame them and ride ( but you can control it ) Also you can put the tappet as a saddle.

They look great!


New function in setting

Now you can go in setting – video and turn on Smooth Lighting.

Remark: If you have good device this fuction will make your game graphic better and more realistic. However I very recommend do some experience with this thing.


Change color you bed

Red bed is boring for you? No problem! In this version you can change the color in red, blue, green or pick up many other color through dye. It is little addition in  but I think very usefull.


Glazed Terracotta

It is new blocks for decoration your house, building or other construction. There are many colors.


Woodland Mansion

Mojang adds new structure. You can find it in forest, but you need prepare to battle with many horrible mobs which live there.


New mode

There are survival, creative and adventure mod. Yes! Through adventure mod you cannot brake any blocks in your world. Why do you need it? For example you map developers can use it in some maps and tell you – turn on this mode if you play in my map.



Mob Evoker

He is hostile mob and lives in Woodland Mansion. He can summon another mobs – Vex


They are the same mobs as Evokers but not full. For example they attack with axe.



Hostile mobs. Evoker summoin them.

Attention! Updating version: Download new version Minecraft PE 


DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1_1_4-full.apk [55.51 Mb]



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Hieu от 26 November 2017 09:14
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Mincraft pe 1.1.4
KevinJohn от 14 October 2017 14:56
How to back in 1.1.4 cause im alpha can u help me bro

admin: I recommend just delete old version and download new one
Vika от 5 October 2017 14:27
Mincraft pe 1.1.4
Azmi от 13 May 2017 21:39
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  1. minecraft pe

Цитата: Azmi
  1. minecraft pe

Цитата: Azmi
  1. minecraft pe

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