Download Minecraft PE 1.16.100 FULL version for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.100 FULL version for Android you can in this article. In this update Mojang added: new features, vanilla parity changes and many bug fixes. You will see new design for achievements screen, new Character Creator items, etc.  

What will be changed in v.1.16.100 FULL?

more you can see in official website:

New Features:
  • new design for achievements screen
  • new character creator items

Vanilla Parity Changes and Fixes:
  • when Sea turtle lay an egg they will make a sound
  • dolphins will dry out at 120 seconds (as in Java Edition)
  • Ghast fireballs will not destroy basalt anymore
  • basalt will be more strong to destroy
  • you can't activate TNT anymore if you place redstone torch on it
  • add sounds to phantom wings
  • you can craft brewing stands with blackstone
  • /give command will spawn farmland
  • ceiling and floor surface will be generated as in Java
  • fixed bug with lanterns under the water
  • fixed bug with piglins
  • fix bug with soul fire melting
  • warped fungus will grow in crimson forest 
  • fixed bug with drop of baby hoglin and zoglin
  • piglins will be attacked by wither skeletons 
  • hoglins will be attacked by iron golems 
  • fixed bug with piglin brutes and enchanted golden axe
  • you will be able to compost all nether plants
  • on Mycelium you can place warped and crimson fungus
  • strider will have 20 health 
  • piglins can equip mob heads
  • bug with displaying of baby piglins
  • bug with piston crafting

Other changes:
  • added new experimental toggles
  • added the new Mojang Studios logo 

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-100-04.apk [122.66 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-100-04-free-skin-editor.apk [122.66 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-100-04-x86-xbox.apk [132.29 Mb]
last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.201
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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onga bonga
onga bonga от 4 February 2021 16:26
Hello there, so my friends have this trouble of minecarft worlds not storing on folders as usual. Instead of havnig the minecraft worlds in the folder "games" there is nothing there. So one of them lost all of the world they had when they deleted the app to reinstall the newer version of minecraft. How do you find those internal minecraft worlds so the are not lost during the reinstalling of the app?

Any help appreciated
cimento4love от 18 November 2020 12:09
Minecraft the best game evveeerrr! From spain
Carlos от 18 November 2020 12:02
It works! thnks for job

Coooool! Like Minecraft waiting for new versssion
KirbendoToon от 18 November 2020 00:48
Bonjour j'ai te l'échanger le fichier mais quand je le lance sa me mais "application non installer"
Moinuddin от 17 November 2020 18:59
Minecraft good game
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