Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can here. Caves and Cliffs is getting two new blocks: dripstone and Sculk Sensor. Mojang also fixed some bugs and crashes. 

DO NOT FORGET turn on experimental features when you will create your world. Otherwise feature in this update will not be added.

What will be added?
It is a new block. You can place the block on the floor or ceiling. If it falls from the ceiling it will hurt you. In this update the block will not spawn naturally, but only in inventory (if you use creative mode)

Sculk Sensor
This is a new block. It helps to detect vibrations. It does function in an 8-block radius around it.

Bug Fixes

Mojang fixed 4 different bugs. It related to pork chop achievement, fox mob, "download template" issue, Adventure mode issue.

Fixed an issue with /setblock command

Some Marketplace issue

World Generation 
Mcstructure game crashing

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-210-56.apk [114.27 Mb]

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Minecrafter от 4 March 2021 14:33
Quote: Vít
I can't install this apk. It writes: the package is damaged

Un install your old minecraft and install this new that's right
Idris от 14 February 2021 05:35
Can you 1.17 update not addon please
I biggeng you
ZED F 20XX от 28 January 2021 15:14
Dude pointed dripstone doesn't create lava sources like java I made 10 of lava farms and waited and nothing happens pls fix that or till me the problem
Bry от 27 January 2021 08:11
Quote: Vít
I can't install this apk. It writes: the package is damaged

This package don't have any problem plz try again
Pubgames от 26 January 2021 12:25
I like minecraft so much
jade от 26 January 2021 06:40
I hate this i download it nuthing new no amethys no copper i know minecraft 1.17 or minecraft 1.16.200+ there a new recipe this mc nothing new dont download this mc im sure u hate this
Abdallah eslam
Abdallah eslam от 25 January 2021 15:15
I'm very happy and you I love you very much
Abdallah eslam
Abdallah eslam от 25 January 2021 15:14
I love this I'm very happy
Zholk от 23 January 2021 20:19
Hey it works
root от 22 January 2021 13:19
Quote: Vít
I can't install this apk. It writes: the package is damaged

Vit, please try again. I have no problem with installation. Just today try again and all was ok.
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