Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android is here! Mojang added new block Glow Lichen. It emits a light,can be waterlogged and you can composted it. The new block can be very helpful in dark places such like caves. As usually Mojang fixed a lot of bugs and crashes. Good update!

What will be added?
As I said in this update you will see new non-solid block Glow Lichen. It can be used for generate light. If you want to pick it up you have to use shears and if you want to spread it along the block surface you need to use bonemeal. New block can be composter or waterlogged. It is awesome light source in the night! The block will generate naturally on different blocks such as stone, diorite, granite, etc

how it looks like you can see below

Bug fixes
Mojang fixed over 30 different bugs and crashes. For example they fixed some resolution and networking issue for Android devices; issues related to the some Lush Cave Blocks will be fixed; User Interface problem.

do not forget to enable the Caves and Cliffs Experimental Features

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-230-50.apk [118.32 Mb]

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Whitewolf от 30 March 2021 16:30
This is nice but,don't you guys have java edition because I want to play Java than Beta.Please also try to get the changes of cave update because on pc,the minecraft cave already change.
Martin от 30 March 2021 03:57
I want to play the new version
Prabha pokhrel
Prabha pokhrel от 29 March 2021 15:59
I really i want to play
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