Download Minecraft PE beta for Android

Download Minecraft PE beta for Android you can here. In new update Mojang fixed bugs and added few changes. For example Mojang fixed the next bugs: Deepslate issue, lush caves problems, powder snow issue, etc.

What is new? 

  • Leads now correctly attach to Axolotl  
Creative Inventory 
  • There are no longer any unknown items in the creative inventory (MCPE-119503)   
  • Cobbled Deepslate is now next to cobblestone in the Creative inventory. Polished Deepslate is next to Deepslate  
  • Deepslate Bricks now have correct breaktime  
  • Water and lava now drip more often from pointed dripstone  
  • Fixed pointed dripstone texture mapping  
Glow Lichen 
  • Glow lichen can now appear on the walls of underground water lakes  
  • The game no longer crashes when placing glow lichen on all sides of a single block  
Glow Squid 
  • Leads now attach correctly to glow squid (and squid)  
Lush Caves 
  • Hanging roots now drop correctly when mined by silk touch enchanted tool  
  • Moss can now also spread vertically when fertilized (MCPE-121672)  
  • Dripleaves now break completely when the leaf part is broken (MCPE-121804)  
  • Breaking a dripleaf stem now drops a dripleaf item, matching the Java Edition (MCPE-122447)  
  • Fertilizing a moss block can now also grow vegetation on existing moss blocks  
  • Small Dripleaves can now be composted just like Big Dripleaves (MCPE-122610)  
  • Bonemealing moss blocks no longer generates ferns (MCPE-122800)  
  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea can now be grown into an Azalea Tree when fertilized (No ID) 
Powder Snow 
  • Leather horse armor prevents horses from freezing in powder snow  
  • Mobs that enjoy the heat (Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Striders) take increased freeze damage  
  • Polar bears, strays, and snow golems no longer take freeze damage  
  • The time taken to fully freeze is now 7 seconds instead of 15  
  • Frozen entities now take damage every 2 seconds instead of every 3 seconds  
  • The speed at which entities can move vertically when inside powder snow has increased  
  • Powder snow takes slightly longer to mine  
  • Entities wearing leather boots falling from a height of > 2.5 blocks sink into powder snow instead of landing on top of it  
  • Entities that are on fire that walk into powder snow now melt the powder snow block in addition to extinguishing the fire  
  • Entities that are fully frozen now shake  
  • Applied fog effect while standing very close outside a Powder Snow block  
  • Striders shake properly when out of lava again (MCPE-69511)  
Other Experimental Tweaks and Changes 
  • Dripstone feature and dripstone cluster feature now rarely generate in caves below y59 
  • Rooted dirt, Small dripleaf, Moss Block and Pointed dripstone can now be obtained from the Wandering Trader 
  • Glow berries can be found in abandoned mineshaft minecart chests 
  • Moss block can be found in shipwreck chests 
  • Masons now trade Dripstone blocks 
  • Dripstone block can be crafted from pointed dripstone 
  • Axolotl and Glow Squid now spawn in water in non-ocean biomes under y = 30  

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-230-54.apk [131.3 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-230-54-x86-xbox.apk [132.35 Mb]

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Ian Conde
Ian Conde от 2 May 2021 12:39
Please add deep dark caves stuff and chested boats in Minecraft or
Lk от 16 April 2021 02:50
Can we get update pls
Khan arsh
Khan arsh от 12 April 2021 13:45
I love your games
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