Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0 FULL for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0 FULL for Android Caves & Cliffs you can here. Mojang added many new features such like: Axolotl, Goat, Glow Squid, Powder Snow, Glow Lichen, Spyglass and many other stuff. You can see new mobs, blocks and instruments.

Full changes you can see on official website:

some new stuff you will be able to see on  these screenshots

Beautiful animal which was voted on Minecon Live 2019. They ram, high jump and live on extreme hills. Do not forget they you can get milk if you use empty bucket. 
New plants and berries
Dripleaf, Moss Block, Azalea, Glow Berries and much more!

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.0 FULL for Android
Powder Snow
This block makes your walk slower if you stay on the powder snow. The same situations with creatures

Amethyst Geodes
Huge structure will be generated around Overworld. It also contain of new blocks.

New mob can be found under the water. He is passive mob but he will attack some water creatures. You can see Axolotl in different colors.

Glow Squid
He is under water animal. If you want to get Glow Ink Sacs just kill the mob.

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-02-full.apk [122.02 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-02-free-skin.apk [121.29 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-02-x86.apk [134.32 Mb]

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Stephen от 23 July 2021 18:02
Quote: Snapflounder677
I just Updated it and there's a lot Of Stuff I Hate
1.clouds Are now in the Ground
2.all my double Chest turned to a chest
3.all My Stuff in my chest Dissappeard Including my Diamonds

And the commands are deleted from the command blocks and all pistons are freezed and not working. All of the texts in signs are deleted too
Ahmad Mohammed Abdul ahad
Ahmad Mohammed Abdul ahad от 9 July 2021 19:01
is it multiplayer
bruh от 23 June 2021 16:15
the texture was messed up when I donwloaded the 86x (PLS FIX IT)
Lol от 23 June 2021 01:53
HELLO! When is the 1.17.2 gonna come out please I'm so excited for the diamond fix.
Kiro от 22 June 2021 06:48
Why i can't find larger caves here?
nive от 16 June 2021 03:58
the servers aren't working. it always say Coming Soon. how do i fix it?
Roohi от 14 June 2021 18:54
Please add candles and bundle in Minecraft 1.17 caves and cliffs update.
Snapflounder677 от 13 June 2021 07:13
I just Updated it and there's a lot Of Stuff I Hate
1.clouds Are now in the Ground
2.all my double Chest turned to a chest
3.all My Stuff in my chest Dissappeard Including my Diamonds
Fury от 12 June 2021 19:10
Quote: nairobi
Quote: Fury
Quote: root
Quote: RandomUser
Doesn't seem to work, it says app not installed

Try new beta version. Personally for me it works.

i had the same issue but i solved it with apk editer
download it from ggogle and you can edit apk to download app in internal storage only

Whats exactly the app please??

apk editer
open app Select an apk file and choose munecaft apk that you downloaded do common edition to internal storage only save file and intall
Xcrafter от 12 June 2021 17:34
Apk editor i changed it to internal from external still app not installed have storage this sucks creator give me a solution
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