Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can here. Mojang added some experimental features: monsters will spawn only in full darkness. It helps you make game easier and explore caves without any monsters. This changes will be only for block light. As usual Mojang also fixed a lot of bugs and crashes. It related to next categories: stability and performance, blocks, graphical, gameplay, mobs, User interface.

Experimental features:
  • Monsters will only spawn in full darkness,
    • It helps you to be safe while exploring caves
    • only affects block-light affected! 
What bugs were fixed?
Mojang fixed over 30 different bugs: blocks, vanilla parity, Axolotl, Armor Stands, recipe book, etc. All these changes will improve your game, make it more bug free and correct. 

Technical updates:
Mojang also fixed many technical issues. It was made in next categories: GameTest Framework, Commands, items, mobs, spawning. 

screenshots of main pages

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-17-20-22.apk [126.74 Mb]

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For the next update please warden
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