Download Minecraft Education Edition for Android

Minecraft Editication Edition for Android is great platform to learn the game. If you only start to play I recommend you to try this edition first. Minecraft could be sometimes very hard, problematic and not understandable, that is why Mojang have decided to create new version of game.

  • Version: 0.15.99
  • Platform: Android ( but you will see link below for Windows 10 and macOS)
  • It is free product
  • creator: Mojang ( website of the product )

What is new?

You will see new mobs, blocks, commands, worlds and even new possibilities!

Attention! If you cannot place items, use this command in your chat /ABILITY @A WORLDBUILDER TRUE

Some of the new command

Another screenshots from education edition

It is amazing oppurtunity for new Minecraft player to open the game, learn a lot and get satisfaction in the future. Are you ready to education and have fun? Just download this edition.

It is a test version, so if you would have any idea or feedback, it will be great to sent it to Mojang.

Download Minecraft Education Edition for Android 

dropbox ( 250mb )

Download Minecraft Education Edition for Windows/macOS


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Lucas от 18 June 2018 16:32
I love it and I love the new blocks
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