Download Minecraft PE for Android

Here you can download Minecraft PE for free below. In this article I will try to describe you which updates and features you will see in new version of the game. Mojang always adds something new such: new mobs, weapons, items, blocks. But also in new versions they try to remove many bugs, that is very important for normal playing. 

What was added in Minecraft PE release ?
  • fix crashes, gameplays, mobs, items, interface, etc
FULL INFORMATION you can check here

What was new in Aquatic Update ?

Bamboo is a plant which you will find in jungles. 
crossbow ranged weapon ( can shoot with arrows or fireworks )
shield ( you can get safety and protection)
Pillager outpost ( is a structure where live pillagers, really dangerous place )
Ravager ( big hostile mobs )
New user interface
Raid ( is an event, when hostile mobs come to village when you have Bad Omen status )

release/full version
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_5_xbox.apk [87.07 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_5_original.apk [90.2 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_0_9_xbox.apk [86.9 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_0_9_original.apk [90.04 Mb]

BETA version:
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_2_50_xbox.apk [87.1 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_2_50_original.apk [90.24 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_3_xbox.apk [87.06 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_3_original.apk [90.21 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_2_xbox.apk [87.06 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_1_2_original.apk [90.21 Mb]

Download Minecraft PE for iOS (iPAD/iPHONE)

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Seif от 2 December 2019 18:56
The original version needs play store verification and the xbox version is always closing please fix
Xedrick от 27 November 2019 01:24
the official release of 1.13 is still not posted, why though, is it because of the code of Bedrock is different?
Kiril от 23 November 2019 18:46
Hello can do the latest version called 1.13.1 Thank you.

Dear, mcpe-monster could you please give out version out it could 1.13.1 Thank you.
Shrimpie от 20 October 2019 14:14
Is there a link to the version where it's not Beta? I want to play the latest non beta version
Har от 17 October 2019 17:41
What is the difference between the original Minecraft and Xbox Minecraft but this website is best for me
Iya от 11 October 2019 01:08
Mcpe beta has released and I'm hoping that it will come to mcpe monster soon. I love this website and I'm so exited for that version and future versions So if it will be released here, I would like to know
An estimation of the time it releases
Batmanboy77921 от 10 October 2019 09:43
Hello mcpe update added bees and block
Jaspher от 8 October 2019 13:44
I love this app
ZEZAllX от 29 September 2019 16:08
That's a perfect way to download minecraft
Josip от 28 September 2019 10:19
Quote: Bagggy
I need some help, I want to play on servers but when I downloaded the newer version the servers didn't work, can you please tell me which version should I get for the servers to work?

Hey dude, install v 1.12.28 it will work or 1.12.02

Quote: Bagggy
I need some help, I want to play on servers but when I downloaded the newer version the servers didn't work, can you please tell me which version should I get for the servers to work?

You just need to install 1.12.28 or 1.12.02 it will work
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