Download Minecraft PE for Android

Here you can download Minecraft PE for free below. In this article I will try to describe you which updates and features you will see in new version of the game. Mojang always adds something new such: new mobs, weapons, items, blocks. But also in new versions they try to remove many bugs, that is very important for normal playing. 

What was added in Minecraft PE ?
  • New mob Bees
  • Honey blocks
  • Added Beehives and Nests

FULL INFORMATION you can check here

What was new in Aquatic Update ?

Bamboo is a plant which you will find in jungles. 
crossbow ranged weapon ( can shoot with arrows or fireworks )
shield ( you can get safety and protection)
Pillager outpost ( is a structure where live pillagers, really dangerous place )
Ravager ( big hostile mobs )
New user interface
Raid ( is an event, when hostile mobs come to village when you have Bad Omen status )

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_14_0_1_xbox.apk [89.99 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_18_xbox.apk [87.71 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_15_xbox.apk [87.39 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_15_original.apk [90.42 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_13_xbox.apk [89.61 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_13_xbox_x86.apk [93.42 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_13_original.apk [92.82 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_9_xbox.apk [89.8 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_9_original.apk [93.02 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_6_xbox.apk [87.7 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_6_original.apk [90.72 Mb]

Download Minecraft PE for iOS (iPAD/iPHONE)

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Umair от 14 August 2019 14:58
This very perfect for me
Bagggy от 6 August 2019 03:59
I need some help, I want to play on servers but when I downloaded the newer version the servers didn't work, can you please tell me which version should I get for the servers to work?
Rohan Joshi
Rohan Joshi от 4 August 2019 08:53
I'm downloading it on bluestacks
Josiahborbon от 31 July 2019 14:23
Omg!! I love this Website
Minecraft update and create more addon like Battle Royale Map
Ryan Cobb
Ryan Cobb от 21 July 2019 01:14
It is the best way to play minecraft for free on android 10/10
Yanpro91 от 19 July 2019 21:09
If Minecraft ask you to download it from play store then it is great for you just what you have to do is download block launcher and launch Minecraft from it.You can also play serves from it.
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