map VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination


Map VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination for Minecraft PE is adventure. Here you will see a lot pazzle and parkour. Also, amazing storyline are waiting for you. You have problem with your brain and you cannot remember anything about you. Your goal is try to find Hall of Memories.  Do you think it will easy? Your way is very difficult and you have to go through many barriers and interesting chalange.



  • It is the second of map from series
  • Support new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition +
  • Great storyline
  • Custom sounds
  • Interesting puzzle and great parkour

What the story we have?

Your character has a name Ren Harrow. You have really problem with your memory and cannot remember who you are. Goal your life is try to find The Hall of Memories, maybe this place help you back your memories and create new sense of life. You will see 7 gates of emotional spectrums and you need to complete it.


Now I want to show you some screenshots of this map. First foto. Are you ready to difficult puzzle?! 

map VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination


Here you can see place for parkour. One not right step and you will fall.

map VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination


Do you see chest? Maybe it has any interesting things.

map VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination


Do not forget about version of your game MCPE. You have to install only or above


version MCPE +

DOWNLOAD: map-versecrafter-tfd-map.mcworld [18.44 Mb]


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