The Secret Agent map adventure

Map The Secret Agent for Minecraft PE. Attention! Somebody stolen ancient treasure from a museum and you see it! You see the villain and try to follow him. But what happen if he has a gun and kill you?! Do you have enough brave to catch him and call to police?! You have a lot doubt, but finely decide try to chase him.


It is really strange. You sow how one mysterious man stole some things from museum. It was theft?! What you need to do? You decide to follow criminal but as long you learn about it as big you have surprise. Do not forget to at stake is your life


How long this map is?

I would say about 30 minutes but it is very depends on how quickly you are.



 here you can see screenshots of this map


The Secret Agent map adventure


You say: I should wash my clothes! Get the clothes from the closet and throw then in the sink


Do you really like this map? If yes, you can write little comments about it and tell how long and how difficult it was.


The Secret Agent map adventure


The Secret Agent map adventure


The Secret Agent map adventure



  • Have fun!
  • Do not brake the blocks
  • Read text on sign 



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