Jurassic Craft World [Creation map]


Jurassic Craft World­­ for Minecraft PE is a big creating map which including addon with dinosaur. Did you see film Jurassic park? This map based on that great cinema. You can to play here with your friends as a paleontologist and try to analyses what happened with this world? But can you survival and keep

your life?! Do you still thing the dinosaurs are not dangerous animals?!


Developers: Gona (Twitter), Daniel Martinez (Twitter)

Update: 9.11.2018

support 1.2 +

(fix some bugs)

What you can see on this map?

Your start point is safe hotel at the edge of the map. If you want to go direct on the park you can use cars which stay near that place and move faster than walk. Screenshot where they are.


On the foto below you can see Visitor center.


This map is really big and I very recommend you learn the map to get satisfaction from game. Also you can see on it all highlights point. Here is original foto


You can came across 18 kind of dinosaur. ( raptors, dodo, rex, Brachiosaurus and another type of them ) Also you have to know that you can tame some of them, but the park is not responsible for the consequences.


Mostly dinosaurs live with their groups because they will battle each other.


Aquariums is a big place where you can watch reptiles. It is amazing view. Also you will not thing about safety because there are thick glasses.


Through the mesh, you can be really close to dinosaurs. Look at this picture.



for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: jurassic-craft-park-map.mcworld [27.57 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: jurassic-craft-world-template.mcpack [23.46 Mb]

Download Jurassic addon 

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