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Here I want present you top 5 the best City maps for Minecraft PE which you can download right now. You will see different bank, museum, airport and many different other place.


5) Map Blue City

Its huge map for MCPE and file is more than 100 mb. You can expect on many structures here because they really everywhere.  The creator paid attention on small detail. You can see a lot bridges and canals. Author Brianchinghy





4) Medieval city

Do you knew how lived our medieval ancestors? You can see it on this map! Here you cannot see the huge house, electronic or modern engineering structures, only old and not fashionable houses with fireplace and traditional artifacts. Creator: Funkymunke





3) Craftmania

This is the hugest map I have ever seen. It is about 200mb. Craftmania is a country which consists of few cities. Features are the big airport, port and ocean. It looks amazing.Author: LORD_CR4FT3R





2) Mesaville City

This map looks in best Minecraft traditions, because all structures are very pixel and this is great feature of it. The other maps seem not connect with Minecraft but this once do. This city was build around one year.





1) State of Democratia

This is the winner!  And I explain why. On my opinion all details and structures are very high levels quality. This city not bigger than normal (as Craftmania) and it can be very good for low device. And I think this map has the most interesting and different places, start for pars to airport. You can see bridges, Wheel of Fortune, entertainment attractions, library and so on. AuthorsPeacelandGov (Twitter), Nick_Miao, PLBroadcasting





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