Jurassic Minecraft [Creation map]

Jurassic Minecraft is a creation map for Minecraft PE. It based on the Jurassic Park film. You will see here many attractions. water park, hotel plaza. hotel complex, Ferry Landing, main street and many other interesting places. 

developer: TheCrazyTitan
Updated: 27 October, 2018

What the place you can see here?

As you start the game, you will appear inside Library. You can find teleport hub and very quickly spawn where you want in the Jurassic park. 

Ferry Landing

Main Street

Zone One

Zone Two
Zone Five
Hotel Complex
Aqua Park
This is only small part of screenshots, which I show you. Map is really big and weight about 130 mb. It also recommend to download texture pack and addon to this map.

What is new? Changelog:
  1. Was added park control
  2. offices
  3. security control
  4. road
  5. Monorail and housing staff

Download map Jurassic Minecraft for Minecraft PE 1.11 +
Jurassic-Map.mcworld [mediafire]
Jurassic Craft addon [recommend]
Download texture Flow’s HD [recommend]

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