One Night At Frankies map

One Night At Frankies map for Minecraft PE based on the popular game Five Nights At Freddie’s ( as you have already guessed ) Prepare to horror moments. For me, it was really creepy play in this map. I was very exited to see many commands clock, redstone mechanism, custom sound. It is talk about of quality of this map.

Developers: CreeperGamerZXZ, Twitter Account

Attention! Do not scary new format of map. It called name.mctemplate. It is new one. You can easy install it in your Pocket Edition.|

How install this map?

  • Download it
  • Tap on it and it will be automatically installed in your game
  • Create new world and select this map
  • done!

How to play?

  • The idea of this map are similar to Five Nights At Freddie’s
  • Wooden button = Camera
  • Stone button in front of you is the hall lights
  • Levers = Door locks
  • Stone button behind you = Generator


When you will see Frankie just use the camera to avoid him

recommend for MCPE +
DOWNLOAD: onenightatfrankies.mctemplate [3.23 Mb]

Tags:Horror Maps

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