Basic Paint [Redstone map]

Basic Paint [Redstone map]

Do you like to pain? Then redstone map Basic Paint for Minecraft PE helps you do it even in the game and get lot of fun! Of course, it is not naturally way to pain, nevertheless I consider, you can improve your skills and the general thing, you can get great satisfaction of this process. You will see awesome command blocks and easy understand them.


Developers Jhomes, Twitter Account


How to play in this map?

Tap on the button on command blocks. You will get some chest which consist of paint brush and canvas ( spawn and remove )

Then you have to pick up the color for you paint brush.


The next step is to put down the canvas ( or spawn it ) and try to draw something with paint brush. Of course, you can change the color. Other things are your idea and fantasy. Just open your MCPE in other side.

Basic Paint [Redstone map]


I hope you understood what i wrote, but if not, you can watch this video and get more understandble information.



for MCPE 1.1 +

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