Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]


Today I present to you Redstone Neighborhood map for Minecraft. Here you can see big house with many flats and many different mechanisms. It is really awesome if you can turn on your television, open through button some door or play in railway like a kid. In additions, after hard workday you can take a shower in your bathroom.


What the rooms will you see here?

On this screenshot you can look at outside of your future house. For me, it is looking like a simple and not originally structure, but you still was not inside it. I consider, you will change your decision.

Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]


If you come with a car, you can park in some garage. To open the door you have to push special button.

Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]


After long day you can go in relax room and watch some TV program. You can use button to turn on or turn off your friend. Seat down on the coach and get satisfaction.

Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]



Long and hard workday? No problem! You can take shower after it and you will change. Just look at this foto below.

Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]


If you want play a little bit, then I can recommend you, go in playroom and ride with a train. I think it is very good redstone idea.  

Redstone Neighborhood [Redstone map]


recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: redstone-neighborhood.mcworld [2.64 Mb]

or you can download .in .zip

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