Super Mansion [Redstone Map]

Today I have fantastic Super mansion map for Minecraft PE.It is a massive redstone home. I have been in a lot redostone houses but this is my favorite one. You can see interesting mechanism literally everywhere.


Here you can see the facade. It looks awesome!

Super Mansion [Redstone Map]


At start you need to open the door of this Mansion. How you can do it? Yes! You need to get the key in lockable box. To open this box you need to push the button


Okey. We are inside the modern house and it is only beginning your redstone adventures. For example you can turn on and turn of the light through button. Also the special button can help you open or close the dor.

Super Mansion [Redstone Map]


Start time to explore! You can find secret room if you push the button close chimney.

Super Mansion [Redstone Map]


Do not forget about upstairs because you will see a lot interesting things. For example this button open the some way under floor. By the way if you go like that you come to horse stable. You can find many horses ( zombie, skeleton, donkeys and so on)

Super Mansion [Redstone Map]



  • You will see mine
  • Awesome redstone mechanisms everywhere
  • Armor equipping station
  • A lot secret room
  • Hidden chest
  • Portal ( face of creeper )
  • Carage


DOWNLOAD: super-mansion-mcworld.mcworld [8.01 Mb]

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