Mega Skyblock [Survival map]

Mega Skyblock [Survival map]

Mega Skyblock is survival map for Minecraft PE where you will see 14 islands. One of your challenge is explore every of them. They are different of each other. Every island has unique biom and own materials, which you have to use.

How to start?

The first meet with this map will be in simple and not interesting island. You spawn alone far away from surface, somewhere in the sky. The first your challenge will be not easy, you need try to find the chest, take some instruments from it and think how to move to other island.  

Look at these beautiful islands. There are 14 amazing place with unique atmosphere to visit. I hope you will good survival and see all of them.

In addiction, you can watch this video and get more information about this map. Good lack!

Download map for Minecraft PE 1.12 +

DOWNLOAD: mega-skyblock-v6_3-by-tgc-bu.mcworld [2.02 Mb]

old versions

DOWNLOAD: mega-skyblock-v6_0-by-tgc.mcworld [1.95 Mb]

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