Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs for Minecraft PE will be change mobs in your game. After you install this addon your mobs become more difficult and stronger.  Also they will be look differently, their skins change.


Villagers are famous youtubers. Do you identify FuzionDroid ? I really love his video.

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0


When Zombie kill villagers, than villagers become a zombie in own skins. You can see this process on screenshot below.

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0


Creeper will change too. His explosive will be bigger. Also, you can force explosive process. If you come closer to this mob you will see new button «Ignite», press it and creeper instantly explode.

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0


You will often see fight between hostile mobs, this is normal scene. I hope you will be happy, because you enemy kill each other.

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0


On this picture you can see witches, which fight and cause damage with poison.

Addon Ultra Hardcore Mobs 0.16.0


What do you need to knew about this addon:

  • Spider run very fast
  • Accelerate creepers explosive ( if you want you can come to creeper and press button «Ignite»
  • Armor appears in Husk, Skeletons, Zombies
  • Become two kinds of Skeleton

Hostile mobs start the war between themselves


How to install this addon?

  • - open MCPE and create a new word
  • - Copy the UHM Add-on folder and paste it here: /games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/
  • - extract zip file ( for example with this app )
  • - Copy the UHM Texture folder and paste it here: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/
  • - than find in the sidebar this resouce pack and then behavour pack


DOWNLOAD: [226.99 Kb]

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