Addon Alien Invasion

Addon Alien Invasion for Minecraft PE made Mojang. Yes! MCPE developers constructed this mod. Aliens come to your calm city and they want capture it. Who can save town except you? Nobody! You will battle with alien, monster from other galactic and spaceships.


On this picture you can see your town after invasion alien ( spaceships look very awesome )

Addon Alien InvasionAddon Alien Invasion



Meet with alien. You must to knew they become alien by means to developers change original mobs ( skeletons, zombie, for example ) to this aliens and another monster.

Addon Alien Invasion


You never guess to this flying saucers are ghasts ( mobs from original MCPE ). They just have been changed, but looking great!

Addon Alien Invasion

Addon Alien Invasion


Mojang made couple addons. The second called Castle siege. I very recommend it, because this developer never make bad products.


How do you install this addon?

  • make new world
  • extract this zip file ( for example with this app )
  • Download this addon
  • Download Minecraft PE 
  • rename file alien-invasion.605d227de07b.mcworld - > alien-invasion.605d227de07b.ZIP
  • put folder to that folder on your phone  gamescom.mojang > minecraftWorlds
  • that is all!


download for Minecraft PE 1.0/0.16+

DOWNLOAD: alien-invasion.605d227de07b.mcworld [88.44 Mb]


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