mod Driveable Dragon Addon 0.17.0

mod Driveable Dragon Addon 0.17.0

With Driveable Dragon Addon for Minecraft PE you can ride on ender dragon! You can boost speed your pet and control him by means of diamond sword. Your game world will be alter with this mod.

How to ride the ender dragon?

For first you need catch him. Let’s go to the Nether and find the dragon. Than you need to be close to him and you will see new button «ride». Tap on it.

Also you can use this command to summon the dragon

/summon dragon ~ ~ ~


How to control?

 After you put on ride button and want control him. Take a Diamond Sword and keep it in your hand thereby you can to manage it.


How to boost speed?

If you late you can boost speed your dragon. Take in your hand Diamond and you will see increase speed.


now you can look the screanshot. 

mod Driveable Dragon Addon 0.17.0 mod Driveable Dragon Addon 0.17.0 mod Driveable Dragon Addon 0.17.0

I need to say to this mod is only on test version, I mean this is not full job and developers will continue work with it. I admit to Steve looks not good when he rides. When I get a new version of this mod I at once update the article. I hope It will be soon.



DOWNLOAD: driveable-dragon.mcpack [30.49 Kb]


how to instal ?

  • create new world
  • just download the file and tap on it.
  • aply the addon

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