Ender Wither Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0

Ender Wither Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0

Addon Ender Wither for Minecraft PE will change wither mob in very powerful and complicate to defeat boss. Now he get new abilities to teleport like enderman. He get new health, strong and can shoot fireball. Do you already to battle for him? Then you need built him to summon this boss.

How to summon ender wither boss

You must built him like golem. You require 4 soul sand blocks and  three wither skeleton skulls.

Let’s look on screenshot below. All already except the last skulls in center. Put it and boss will alive.

Ender Wither Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


So beware of his attack. Don’t forget to he can suddenly teleported. He has 450 full hearts and can shoot at you fireballs.

Ender Wither Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


Well I would wish you good luck because wither become very interesting enemy now. Kill him is not easy work but it’s really possible.

Ender Wither Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0

How you can install this addon?

  • for first you need instal the last version minecraft pocket edition hier
  • After that you must go in game and create a new world
  • You need download 2 files below. Then tap on each.
  • Then you add to addon and behavior pack


DOWNLOAD: ender-wither-b.mcpack [8.25 Kb] DOWNLOAD: ender-wither-r.mcpack [32.59 Kb]

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