Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0

Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0

Raptor addon for Minecraft PE adds a new mob in your game. He is dinosaur. He will be your good friend; he can attack your enemy and defeat you. Also you can ride raptor,  give commands, feed, use raptor inventory and finely breeding this mobs and make farm.

How to tame raptor?

For first try to find Raptor in your world. Then you must keep some meet in your hand and do long tap on Raptor and you will see new button TAME ( tap it and mob will have tamed ) If you have Windows 10 as device you have to do right click with meet on mob.


Attention! Raptor is 5 growth stages. You can tame raptor only between 1 and 3 stages.


Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


After taming process you need feed Raptor to he growth. If you will not it then your dinosaur growth very slowly.


Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


Your tamed mob defeats you and attacks your enemy with you. Also he will be following you.


Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


You must to know to 3-5 growth stage Raptor don’t accomplish your command sit or stand. But you can leash raptor to a fence. After then mob will be stop and don’t follow you.

How to ride Raptor

For first you need put saddle on your dinosaur. Take a saddle in your hand and then long tap on raptor. Then you will see button RIDE ( put on it )

If you us device Window 7 you need do the same but change tap on right click.

When you require more slots in inventory you can use raptor inventory. While riding you need open inventory. You will see 27 slots.


Raptors Addon 0.17.0-0.16.0


How to breeding raptors?

Just feed raptors one peas of meet. After some time they will have love and will give birth small raptor.   


download this 2 files and install 

after this you need create new world and apply this behavior and resource pack

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