Light Helper Mod

Light Helper Mod

Light Helper Mod for Minecraft PE will change capabilities of Torch.  This mod adds to Torch more light and you can easy to see through dark. For example, if you often spend time in caves or tunnel and you need a more lights I recommend you use this modification.

How to use it?

As soon as you install this mod your torch will have  upgraded on Light Helper. I want show you one example. You can see the really dark place on screenshot below. I try to find some diamonds , but how I can do it ?

Light Helper Mod


But after this I get the new Torch. Now I feel better and can see more compostable.  Its really good idea when the Mojang pay attention on this mod and will import this very useful item in original game.

 Light Helper Mod


How instal it?

  • open it and tap on wrench
  • download Blocklauncher
  • import this mod


DOWNLOAD: [569 b]

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