Morph mod

Morph Mod for Minecraft PE (ShapeShifter Mod) gives to you possibility to morph in some mobs in your world. You get some item and you need just come to interesting mob and tap on him. That is all! Do you want be a pig, cow, ship, ghast or maybe skeleton? This mod turn your body in that mob in one click ( or tap ) That is easy.

  • you will take not only look of the mob but also his skill, health and attack power

How to use this mod?

at first you need craft stuff with recipe below. Once you got it, you need find mob, come closer to him and tap on it with your staff. You will see that you will transform in this mob
Morph mod
how to turn back to Steve?
just craft and use this item below

What the mobs you can use?
Not all mobs can be used in this addon. But you will be able to use very popular mobs :
  • Zombie Husk Zombie Pigman Drowned Skeleton Creeper Cow Enderman, etc


changelog v0.5:
support 1.16 +


download Morph addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

DOWNLOAD: morph-v0_5-addon.mcaddon [66.93 Kb]

old version (compatible with MCPE 1.14)

DOWNLOAD: morph-beta-0_2.mcaddon [24.29 Kb]

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Brad от 5 August 2021 15:37
Can u get the items in creative inventory?
bbbbbbb от 2 August 2021 18:11
dose does not work how do you even use it
Mod tester
Mod tester от 15 April 2021 22:25
Quote: Mango mods
Are you able to use it in edu? Cuz thats the only one i have :( If not please do make it for edu and love the idea though

I do not believe so. I tried to use it and it doesn't work.
Mango mods
Mango mods от 2 March 2021 04:54
Are you able to use it in edu? Cuz thats the only one i have :( If not please do make it for edu and love the idea though
Rudraksh от 10 February 2021 09:33
It's a very very good mod. It's the best mod I have ever played.
mike от 28 January 2021 15:11
good mod i love it it is the best.
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