Legend of Zelda Master Sword Addon

Legend of Zelda Master Sword Addon for Minecraft PE will add very powerful and unique master sword into your game. You need to craft it with new ore, which called master ore. The new sword will have 15 damage and no durability, it means they it will never break. Craft will be not very difficult. 

how to craft new Master Sword?
At first you need to craft new master ore. Smelt netherstars in a blast furnace to get these.
then you need to craft sword, which will be called Master Sword. The recipe is below. As I mentioned it will have 15 damage attack and no durability level, because it will never break. I think the sword you will be proud of and you will always like it.
how it looks you can see on the next screenshot

DOWNLOAD Legend of Zelda Master Sword Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: mastersword.mcaddon [4.81 Kb]

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