Mine-Rocket Add-on


Mine-Rocket Add-on for Minecraft PE adds a Rocket. You can build it, get in, dress astronaut suit, fill up and of course launch rocket. Do you like the spaceship? Do you want to work in NASA and work as astronaut? You can really to do it. Now I want to say you how it works and open to you more detail this modification.

How to use this addon?

At first you need to build the rocket. This addon changes Blaze mob in rocket. So, the easiest way is when you get blaze spawn egg.

Mine-Rocket Add-on


How to get in Rocket?

If you have already made it, you need seat in. You have to come closer and just make long tap. Than you will see the new button RIDE and just push it.

Also you can dress new astronaut suit. Chainmail armor has been changed on it. If you dress it you will look great and make some specially atmosphere.


What you need to do with fuel?

Very necessary to fill up the rocket with fuel. You need to get in and tap on inventory. Without fuel your rocket will not move. Do not forget about it.

Mine-Rocket Add-on

another screenshot. Of course you can not go to space but maybe you will see the ineteresting map to help you do it. If you find it pleas share it with us in comments. I think it will very useful for a lot of player.

Mine-Rocket Add-on

Mine-Rocket Add-on


for Minecraft PE 1.0.4 +

DOWNLOAD: mine-rocket-addon.mcaddon [12.44 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: launch-platform.mcworld [2.64 Mb]

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.101
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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