Modern Tools Add-on

Now I want present you Modern Tools Add-on for Minecraft PE. It adds new 4 furniture and they will very necessarily especially for you kitchen, but not only for it. Do you think modern tools are only for interior and decoration? No! Every items can do some work. For example, you can turn on computer and get access to internet. Another example, you can save your items in beautiful fridge ( 28 slots ). Finely you can eating at the table and sitting on chair.


Developer: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account

update: 24.07.2018 

How you can use this mod?

First question is – how you can make some modern items? At first, you need to get item «forge». Egg has changed on it. Where you can find it? Everywhere in your world! Or you can kill the chicken and it will dropped.


Now you can watch the full list of new furniture:

  • Chairs and tables – great idea for decoration and you can seat on chairs.
  • Kitchen – do you want cook your food quickly? It is perfect idea.
  • Computer ( PC ) – do you want surfing in internet? You can do it even in MCPE!
  • Fridge – do you want save your fresh food? No problem!


No I want present you screenshot of new items. At the first foto you can see PC. It looks awesome!


Second picture shows you fridge. It has 28 slots your blocks.


Tables and chairs. Where you usually eat? Now you can seat and eat like in real life.


Kitchen stove. Do you see kitchen room without it? I have not that experience. Now you can instantly cook your food.



Item Forge looks like on the foto below. Only with it you can make some furniture.



  • Added Stereo (+ 6 new songs)
  • Added Water Dispenser
  • Bug fixes

download addon for Minecraft PE 1.5/1.6 +

 old versions ( for 1.2 )

old versions


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