Mega Mech Addon

Mega Mech Add-on for Minecraft PE adds robot. He replace by iron golem. You can ride and control him. Robot has 500 hearts, male and ranged attack. Also, there is some container with 27 slots in him and you can save your items. This addon based on famous film with name Pacific Rim and creator this addon was motivated that film.


Developer: Gona, Twitter Account

update: 25 june

How to create the robot?

At first, you have to know, that robot has changed on iron golem. So, now you know, how to build him! The same as iron golem. Take the iron blocks, make some body, and in the end put the pumpkin as head. Done! If you look at the screenshot below you will understand what about I wrote.


Now I want to speak about characteristic Mega Mech. We know how powerful he is, but also we have a lot another advantage.


Mega Mech has:


  • About 30 make attack
  • Container for 27 slots (you can put something in them)
  • 500 hearts
  • He has also range attack (fireball)


How to mount robot?

You have to come close to him, make long tap and you will see new button appear «mount». Just put on it. Or if you have operation system Windows (not Android ) on your device, you need change tap on right click.



How to control robot?

Okey! You will get the robot and mount him, but how to give command? This problem will solve if you take the carrot on a stick. On the foto below you can see how great and cool look this robot.


How to open robots inventory?

As I already said Mega Mech has special container ( storage ) for 27 slots and you can put in it some your items. At first you need to mount robot and just open your inventory (but you will open robots inventory)


Also you have a big choice. You can choose 4 color: blue, green, red, yellow.



What is new version adds?

  • support for MCPE 1.1 +
  • new rockets
  • custom names 
  • another level of speed
  • fix bugs


recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: mega-mech-behavior-pack.mcpack [164 Kb]

and download one of the texture

DOWNLOAD: mega-mech-yellow-resource-pack.mcpack [472.27 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: mega-mech-blue-resource-pack.mcpack [471.18 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: mega-mech-green-resource-pack.mcpack [471.82 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: mega-mech-red-resource-pack.mcpack [472.06 Kb]

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.101
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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