yCreatures Add-on

yCreatures Add-on for Minecraft PE will add 100 mobs. It is huge addon, which will add very big amount of different creatures as Bisons, Chameleons, Camels, Deer, Emu, Koalas and many others. Many of them will be hostile and dangerous, but also there will be many neutral mobs which will never attack you. Many groups of animals will be added: birds, underwater, amphibians. They will be very good detailed and realistic looking. 

If you want refresh your game and add more diversity I very recommend this addon.

  • addon includes 100 new different mobs 
  • one of the hugest addon which will add mobs
  • there are two versions of this mob ( I will explain about it very below )

screenshots with some mobs from yCreatures  addon you will find below. 

DO not forget turn on experimental gameplay to play

changelog v.3.0.1
  • support 1.17 +\
  • bug fixes

Download yCreatures Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17 +
DOWNLOAD: ycreaturesv3_0_11-resource.mcpack [6.58 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: ycreaturesv3_0_11-behavior.mcpack [608.08 Kb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: ycreatures-origins-behavior-v-3_0_10.mcpack [593.69 Kb] DOWNLOAD: ycreatures-origins-resource-v-3_0_10.mcpack [1.87 Mb]

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Kyle Asher Genova
Kyle Asher Genova от 5 August 2021 14:24
I want to try this
Christian Carrie Nari
Christian Carrie Nari от 14 July 2021 05:04
I thing that was cool but i can't inatall in my phone
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