Happy Family Addon

Happy Family Addon for Minecraft PE will help you create a family, get a boyfriend or girlfriend, get married, change your relationship status on boyfriend,friend, even have a children etc. 

use command /function hf to get all items

  • creator of the addon was inspired by famous mod Comes Alive Mod

new mobs boys and girls 

what the status you can have?
You can have different status with new entities like friend, wife, girlfriend, nothing, etc. To change status you need come to entity and press shift or sneak button
how to become a friends?
take new item phone number and come close to new mo, then you will be friends. Note after you do this your interface will change
How to have a kid? 
Once you will married the girl will get pregnant ( it takes about 1 minute ) Use carrot to make process faster. You will see that children will grop up in toddle in some time

there will be new animals?

some furniture also will be added (oven and cofee maker) toilet, bath tube


You can get various items from your Wife / Husband by ask them for doing task.(you need to have married status)
5 Jobs available in this version
  • Mining (Equip “Diamond Pickaxe” in your hand then the task button will appear.)
  • Fishing (Equip “Fishing Rod” in your hand then the task button will appear.)
  • Logging (Equip “Diamond Axe” in your hand then the task button will appear)
  • Farming (Equip “Diamond Hoe” in your hand then the task button will appear.)
  • Hunting (Equip “Bow” in your hand then the task button will appear. )
changelog v.2
  • Sometime the Babies and Toddler can feel hungry themselves. You have to feed them milk. If you do not do this, then they will sick.

Download Happy Family Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: happy-family-addon-v_2-resource-pack.mcpack [1.97 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: happy-family-addon-v_2-behavior-pack.mcpack [291.76 Kb]
last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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Tej Pratap Singh
Tej Pratap Singh от 3 February 2020 17:26
How to install sky block or rlcraft in Minecraft pe
iiomqbrookex от 10 December 2019 21:14
there is no phone only spawn girl of boy and baby
eidilol от 21 September 2019 12:21
Texture pack is missing, we can’t see them.
JasonD4 Playz
JasonD4 Playz от 21 September 2019 07:59
Hello its JasonD4 and i'm gonna tell you that the addon has only a behaviour pack but not a resourse pack. Could you make the resourse pack too pls?
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