Cave Update Add-on

Cave Update Add-on for Minecraft PE will change caves in your world and make them different. For example you will see there new mobs, new structures, new boses and even new biomes. Addon also will add sounds, which you will hear you once get in a cave. All new stuff will be added automatically and randomly. 

  • add new 10 mobs
  • 1 difficult bosses
  • many structures

  • do not forget turn on experimental gameplay
What will be added?
1) End Portal Room:
2) Spider Nest:
you need be careful, because it is very dangerous to fall down in spider nest

3) Ancient Nether Portals:
4) Vases
Some dish which will spawn around the cave, maybe you will be luke and get cool loots
5) Iron and Gold Chests:
New Weapons!
  1. Bone Club (unbreakable sword)
  2. Friendly Spider Nest (use this weapon to fight with spider boss)
New biomes

New bosses
Spider Matriarch

download Cave addon for Minecraft PE 1.16 +
DOWNLOAD: cave-update-v3.mcaddon [2.71 Mb]

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Paul Jake A Rondina
Paul Jake A Rondina от 3 May 2021 04:39
Plss give me a Minecraft 1.17 new update
Patel darshan
Patel darshan от 9 January 2021 09:59
I m playing Minecraft. It was very interesting.
Patel darshan
Patel darshan от 9 January 2021 09:55
Please update will fast
Patel darshan
Patel darshan от 9 January 2021 09:54
Please give me a Minecraft 1.17 new update
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