Expansive Fantasy (Dragon Addon)

Expansive Fantasy (Dragon Addon) for Minecraft PE adds many dragons and orcs into your world. You can ride ond ragons and they will help you to attack hostile mobs. You can craft armor for dragons and make him more stronger.

What will be added?

It is hostile mobs, which will have 4 types. He will spawn naturally and you can find him in extremely hills.

Hostile mob which has 3 skins ( you can see below ) You can find them on custom biomes

Dragons and Wyverns will have spawning eggs. Take in hands orc axe to get a loot
it takes 5 minecraft days until eggs will hatch for dragon and 3 for wyvern
Dragons and wyverns which are spawn from eggs are tameable use salmon to tame them ( feed them salmon if you want speed up growing)

How to ride? 

1) at first you need a tame babies dragons or wyverns
2) write command /summon ck:wyvern_baby or  /summon ck:dragon_baby
3) feed with salmon
4)tame and ride
5) put dragon saddle to control the fly
they are green, agly, mobs which will be spawn around your worlds. They will have 3 types. You can trade with them!

Sea Serpent
Anger fish
New biomes will be added

  • mob griffin (to ride him you have come to closer, attack him with bow, then feed griffin food, then you will see new button ride. In the end put saddle fly)
  • mob pegasus
  • wings (you can fly with them)
  • new texture 
  • grappling hook weapon
  • ripper spear weapon
  • code spear weapon
  • item essence

Download Expansive Fantasy (Dragon Addon) for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.16 +
DOWNLOAD: expansive-fantasy-v1_0_6.mcaddon [4.6 Mb]

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Willow от 29 December 2020 23:30
I downloaded the mod and it works great for me now, after a lot of hardship. I do still have 1 problem: after the baby wyvern is tamed, I no longer get a feeding option, only sit/stand, so I can't speed up the growth process. Annoying, but nothing too bad.
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