Elingo's More Tools Add-on

Elingo's More Tools Add-on (old name Elingo’s Custom Swords Add-On) adds 19 new swords into your world. For example: Air Sword, Quartz Sword, Ice Sword, Magma Sword. You can use them as in creative as in survival mode. All craft recipes you can find below. Each of sword will have different attack damage. For example: Warped Wooden Sword = 5 Damage, Glass Sword = 8 Damage, Dirt Sword = 1 Damage, etc.

Would you like provide more diversity in your world? let's do this with new swords and this addon. It is easy! New weapon will be looking really cool and you can easily craft them. Recipes you will find below

  • OVER 20 new swords
  • support last MCPE version
  • addon works as for survival as for creative mode

How to get the swords?
  • in survival mode you can craft every sword. Craft recipe you will find below
  • in creative mode you can find every word in the inventory

how they look like

craft recipes
Elingo's More Tools Add-on

support 1.18
add more swords
bug fixes

download Elingo’s Custom Swords Add-On for Minecraft PE 1.18
DOWNLOAD: more-tools-resource-pack.mcpack [154.91 Kb] DOWNLOAD: more-tools-behavior-pack.mcpack [488.24 Kb]

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Yuna Park
Yuna Park от 8 February 2021 17:23
OMG, looks terrific!
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