Star Wars Add-on

Star Wars Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new mobs, weapons and armors from popular film Start Wars.


Developers: Gona, Twitter Account



R2-D2 (spider) is a robot. You can tame him and will get perfect friend who always follow you and help you kill hostile mobs. In addition, you can open inventory this robot and save your items in him.


How to tame?

Hold redstone in your hand, come closer to R2-D2 and make long tap on him and after it, press on the button «TAME»

Star Wars Add-on


C2-B5 (cave spider) is a hostile robot. This kind of droids attack you and another mobs. You have to pay attention because they can shoot laser and it is very dangerous.

Star Wars Add-on


You can create big war between droids and watch who will win.

Star Wars Add-on



BB-8 (creeper) this robot is very similar to R2-D2. You can also tame him with redstone.

How he looks, you can see here.

If you have problem with your enemies you can trust him. He will attack them.

Do not have free place for items in your inventory? No problem! You can give some of them to your new friend BB-8.

Star Wars Add-on



At-At (pig)

Big robot, which consist to Galactic Empire.  Prepare to long battle with him. At first, I recommend start to shooting in mobs, which seat in and attack you with fireballs.

Star Wars Add-on



These power and dangerous soldiers obey Galactic Empire and want to kill you.

Star Wars Add-on


Rebel Soldiers (zombies and strays)

These people do not work on evil side and they scary it (if hostile mobs come, they will run away)

You can give bluster (bow) to rebel soldier and he helps in battle

Star Wars Add-on


Death Troopers

Mercenary of Galactic Empire. They have great ability, health and powerful. You must be extremely careful if you come across with them.

Star Wars Add-on


Which new armor and weapon add?

You can get armor from some new mobs.

Star Wars Add-on


Blaster weapon.Often stormtroopers have this laser (arrows) rifle.

Star Wars Add-on



DOWNLOAD: star-wars-behavior-pack.mcpack [437.65 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: star-wars-resource-pack.mcpack [1.36 Mb]


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