Jimbo’s Modern Weapons Addon

Jimbo’s Modern Weapons Add-on adds new weapons, armors and mobs in your world. Do you want to create big war against your friends? Now you can do it! What do you waiting for? Take few fire grenade, do not forget about rpg launcher and start the fight!  In addition, you can came across new soldier in your game, pay attention!


Creator: Jimbo_Acob, Twitter Account

What is new? Support for MCPE 1.2 +


  • Added Binocular (Custom Item)
  • Added zoom function for the missile launcher

What weapons will you get?


Shotgun (replaced by fishing rod)

Weapon, which has great attack power and it, will be very useful against your enemies.

How it looks


RPG Launcher (replaced by bow)

Do you want make great explosion? This weapon can help you. You can attack few mobs together and kill them will be not difficult after.

This launcher shoots warheads (changed by arrows)



Fire Grenade (replaced by snowball):

Another amazing thing to attack group of mobs. After throwing grenade in that place will be fire and your hostile mobs die very quickly and in one time.



Grenade (replaced egg):

Are your enemies ready to big explosion? Let’s keep that secret for them. Use this grenade for couple of enemies.



Soldiers (skeletons)

You will see in your world new type of mobs. They are really dangerous and hostile, but you have whole arsenal to merciless fighting.


Binocular (Custom Item) - can help you see in far distance. You can zoom something and with detail see how it looks like.

 for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: bv9-jimbosmodernweaponsaddon.mcpack [10.93 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: tv9-jimbosmodernweaponsaddon.mcpack [113.09 Kb]

For Minecraft PE 1.2.13 +

DOWNLOAD: bv8-jimbosmodernweapons.mcpack [9.56 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: tv8-jimbosmodernweapons.mcpack [112.04 Kb]

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