Monster Indicator addon

Monster Indicator addon shows identification for hostile and passive mobs. It helps you very easy identify is this mob hostile or neutral towards you. The mark can be yellow and red. Red is for hostile and yellow is for passive mobs. 

Let's identify passive or hostile mobs much quicker. Even on the long distance you will see red or yellow mark on the mob's head. It makes you sure if mobs will attack you or not.

Why it can help you?
It is pretty useful because you can easily avoid hostile mobs and also avoid battles if you doesn't want to. 

how you can identify hostile and passive mobs?
On the mob's head you can see read or yellow mark. If you see red one it means that mob is hostile if you see yellow mark it means that mob will not attack you. 

hope you understood how does this addon function but if not you can see screenshots

download Monster Indicator addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: monsterindicatorv1_0_5.mcpack [2.26 Mb]

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