Grow Your Own FOREST Dragon

Grow Your Own FOREST Dragon addon adds 3 new dragons: forest dragon, sand dragon and lava dragon. To spawn them you have to follow instructions below. 

How to spawn forest dragon

1) find this boss at night  and kill him. It dropps Nemus Draco spawn egg.

2) place the egg down on above 100 level
3) When it hatches, tame your baby dragon with a Dark Oak Sapling.

how to spawn sand dragon?
1) find this boss at night  and kill him. It dropps Sabulo egg.
2) find desert and place the egg down lower than 50 level
3) waiting until the dragon appears and tame him with cooked cactus (green dye).

how to spawn lava dragon?
1) find this boss at night  and kill him. It dropps lava wyvern spawn egg
2) Once it's midnight place it down on 10 level (you can use the clock as below)
3) Set fire to the block  and immediately put the fire out 

4) tame the baby with cod

download Grow Your Own FOREST Dragon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

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