Unobtainable Items Addon

Do you want to open inaccessible items in your world? Unobtainable Items Addon for Minecraft PE will help you to do it. You can get more then 10 unique blocks and for example better decorate your house or something else. Why the Mojang hide these items to us? I do not know, but now you can easy to take them.


How you can get the new block?

Here you can see which mob could drop some items

  1. Endemen – end gateway, ender pearl
  2. Wither boss- invisible bedrock, Wither Star
  3. Sheep – stained glass black
  4. Zombie pigman – nether reactor and glowing obsidian
  5. Silverfish - Stonecutter
  6. Golem - Frosted Ice
  7. Drowned - Bubble Columns 

Attetion! If you kill zombie pigman through enchanted looting sword you can get portal block


do you wanot to see more screenshots of this block? you can do it right now below. 

The new blocks looks really awasome. You can use them also for decoration your buildings

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.4/1.5 + 

DOWNLOAD: unobitainable-items-update-3.mcpack [3.8 Kb]

old versions

DOWNLOAD: unobtainable-items-addon.mcpack [2.51 Kb]

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