Wither Storm Add-on

Wither Storm Add-on adds new boss in your game. To tell the truth he will replace with wither mob. Do you forget what that difficult level is? Your world is very easy for you? Just install this modification and all change. You can battle with very powerful and dangerous boss and if you win, you will get some prize. Prepare to big war.


Developers: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account


How to build the boss?

At first, you have to create (build) the wither boss. It is the same way as simple mob wither. Take to 4 soul sands and 3 wither skulls. On the screenshot you can see how it works. However, if you put as a head wither skulls, this boss alive. Be careful!

Wither Storm Add-on


On this picture below, you can see how big is that boss. If you scary him, you can invite you friends to help you.

Wither Storm Add-on


The good strategy on the start, if you take bow and try to attack with arrows. I very recommend do it on the beginning of battle, because soon you will not able to do it.

Wither Storm Add-on


On the half of health, you will see light as this screenshot. It shows you to boss has only half of health. Bad news is you cannot attack with arrows, only male attack ( for example, with sword )

Wither Storm Add-on


You can get new dynamite Formidi Bombs (replaced by TNT) It very good idea to leave this box on some place and call this boss to this place.

Wither Storm Add-on


Do you have success and kill the boss? My congratulants. You can take some drop.

Wither Storm Add-on



recommend for version of MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: wither-storm-purple-add-on-v3_0.mcaddon [2.52 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: wither-storm-red-add-on-v3_0.mcaddon [2.59 Mb]

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