Ant-Man Boss Addon

Ant-Man Boss Addon

Ant-Man Boss Addon for Minecraft PE adds new boss in your game. You will be very surprise how small he is. The size of this boss is very small, nevertheless, he is extremely dangerous and powerful. I recommend good prepare to this battle and take the best weapons and armors ( maybe invite your friends to help you to fight with him )


Developers: Kagepreston, Twitter Account

How to play in this addon?

At first you have to know, the new boss will replace in a husk. You have two ways to meet him. 1) go around the world and try to find him 2) easiest one – create new world with creative mode and then you have to take husk spawn egg and through it ( then you will spawn the boss )

Ant-Man Boss Addon

Do not look at the size of the mob. Probably you this this, this boss is not dangerous, because looks like ant. But you will see to you wrong.

Ant-Man Boss Addon



recommend for version 1.1 +


DOWNLOAD: antman-boss.mcpack [473.25 Kb]


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