Chocobos Addon

Chocobos Addon for Minecraft PE adds new bird in your world. You can know her from popular computer game Final Fantasy. At first, you have to find or spawn Chocobos, and then you will able to ride her and move very quickly. You can even breed Chocobos in your own farm.

Developers: Gona

Where you can find Chocobos?

You have to know, that this bird replaced by pig and it is no difficult find her in your world. However, as usually, you can create new world with creative mode and get pig spawn egg from your inventory.

How to tame Chocobos?

You will get new food Gysahl ( replaced by carrot ). Try to feed some of the bird this food until you see hearts. You will see them?! Perfect! Done!

How to ride Chocobos?

As I said already, you can ride this bird and move quickly as by yourself. How do it?

  • For Android/iOS: Hold a saddle in your hand and make long tap on the bird, then make long tap again.
  • For Windows 10: Do the same things, but push right click instead tap.

Chain armor replaced by Chocobos yellow armor. It looks great!

Do not forget feed with Gysahl ( replaced by carrot ). your pet, when somebody hurts her. 


Recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

* you have to download behavior pack and one of the resource pack

DOWNLOAD: chocobos-behavior-pack.mcpack [286 Kb]

resource packs

Black color

Blue color

Green color

Yellow color

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