Hulk Addon

Hulk Addon adds two mobs. On of them will be Hulk, the green big monster, which has incredible attack power. The other one will be antagonist, he called Hulk Buster. He has two attack options ( male and range attack ) You have to build some structure at first, to spawn Hulk. In additions, you can ride new mobs and control them.

How to spawn Hulk?

Take four iron blocks and start built structure as on screenshot below. After you put the head, the Halk will alive.

Hulk is neutral mob, he can start stack you, only if you attack him. He hates Hulk Buster.

How to ride the Hulk and Hulk Buster?

Come closer to him and male long tap on him, after it just tap on the button RIDE

How to control Hulk Buster?

There are two modes. Use Activate Flying Mode or Activate Walking Mode to control him.

download this addon for Minecraft pocket edition 1.6 +
DOWNLOAD: hulk-behaviour-v3.mcpack [138.37 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: hulk-resource-v3.mcpack [18.49 Mb]

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