Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon

Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon for Minecraft PE adds new mobs in your game world. You will see about 17 new characters. Each of them will be absolutely different and unique. If you have ever play in Minecraft: Story Mode game, you have to know this mobs, all of them was taken from this game.

developers: StarkTMATwitter Account

UPDATE: 14.11.2017


List of new mobs

Creeper (replace spider)

Hostile mobs, they like jump on your head and explode, will have health twice more than original creeper

Large Henry and Big Hank (replaces the Wither Skeleton and Stray)
Two different mobs, they are extremly dangerous
Ice Iron Golem (replaces Iron Golems)
shoot snowbals 
Romeo (replaces Skeleton)
It is hard boss in this addon. He able to summon another hostile mobs, shoot fireballs and fly. If you will kill him, he will drop Primarine Gauntlet, which you can wear and get some extra power.
Snow Admin (replaces Snow Golems)
Prismarine Colussus (replaces Zombie)
He is Romeo brother.
Prismarine Foes (replaces Vindicator)
One of the most dangerous mob, prepare to big battle
Anthony The Warden (replaces Zombie Pigman)
Neutral mobs, drop cookies
OxBlood (replaces Creepers)
Friendly mob, but if you attack him, you will get very angry adversary
Lluna (replaces Llamas)
Neutral mob
Nurm (replaces Villagers)
3 Headed Ghast (replaces Ghast)
Dangerous mob. Able to spawn his friends.

Ghast (replacex Vex)

RedSlime (replaces Slime)
Zombie Miner (replaces Husk)

Notes from StarkTMA:

  • Mobs Have different Spawn eggs texture and Names so you can tell
  • Most mobs have Different Drops
  • Don’t just kill Mobs, Let them Hit and Kill You so you can see their abilities
  • Thanks Once Again to Julien for his Prismarine colossus Model
  • This Addon Will get updates whenever MCSM S2 Recieve a new Episode with New Mobs
  • If I have no place to create new mobs, I’ll release it as a 2nd Part, But you won’t ba able to use both Parts at the same time

Download for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-b-build-11.mcpack [222.34 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-r-build-11.mcpack [1.78 Mb]

old versions

DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-b-build-9.mcpack [221.13 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-r-build-9.mcpack [6.13 Mb]

old version

DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-b-build-7.mcpack [218.39 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: mcsm-s2-r-build-7.mcpack [5.16 Mb]

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