Spider-Man Add-on

Spider-Man Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new mobs, armors, tools and even weapons. All staff, which this mod adds, based on the popular comics story Marvel Universe. After install this mod, you can transform your Steve in Spider Man and use new function, weapon and tool.

How to start?

At first, you have to know, that all armors from this mod, will be replaced in Spider man armors. You can see it on the screenshot below.

As I said, you will meet some new mobs from Marvel University in your world, which will be replaced on the old mods from your original MCPE world.

If you will transform in spider man body, you could use spider mans superpower. For example, you can climb on the highest mountain very easy. Now is not obstacles for you.

You will able to ride new spider ( use Radio Active Spider Control item. )
what will new?
  • Added new mob Doctor Octopus ( will changed by Creeper)
  • Added  new mob The Vulture (will changed byA Phantom)
  • Added  new mob The Lizard ( will changed by The Drowned)

    for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6/1.7 +
    DOWNLOAD: spider-man_add_onv4.mcaddon [4.77 Mb]

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