Dolphin Riding Addon (Beta)

Dolphin Riding Addon for Minecraft PE adds possibilities to ride on the dophins. As you might knew already, dolphins are new creatures in Minecraft Pocket Edition aquatic update. There are a lot of rumors about riding on them and Mojang will add this possibility in new update, but it is only rumors. Now you can use this addon to ride dolphin and have a lot of fun!

Creator: NetherNinjaTwitter Account

How to ride the dolphins?

At first, you should find one of them. It could be every ocean biome ( of course, except frozen one ). The new step is easy. You have to come to them and make long tap to them, after you will see new button – push on it and you will on the top of dolphin.

How to look like riding dolphin you can observe on this screenshot below 


The main problem of this addon is, that you cannot control dolphins while riding them.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6 beta +
DOWNLOAD: uncontrolleddolphin.mcpack [1.11 Mb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: dolphin-riding-addon.mcpack [1.11 Mb]

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